Grupo Gourmet Alicante is a hospitality group with more than 40 years of experience in the sector. Our priority: to offer our customers top quality products with a personalized treatment. This group, a gastronomic reference of the city, provides a varied gastronomic offer with its restaurants La Taberna del Gourmet, Monastrell Restaurant, Asador La Vaquería and Tribeca Music Bar. History Pitu Perramón, ex-goalkeeper of handball, opened Frankfurt in 1975 and thus initiates its first gastronomic project. Located in a corner of a local downtown, Frankfurt (now Tribeca) was a German sausage shop like those that were in Barcelona at that time. Since its opening it was a success and for more than thirty years Frankfurt has been a benchmark for thousands of people from Alicante. After the opening of Frankfurt, in 1979, the tapas bar La Taberna del Gourmet opened as a traditional bar. At first in a local attached to Frankfurt. Later he moves to Calle San Fernando number 10, current location. This bar from Alicante has fed the most exquisite palates in a casual atmosphere. Perramón, together with his wife María José San Román, started a new gastronomic project in 1997, the Monastrell Restaurant. A traditional kitchen in constant evolution both in the use of innovation and in the creation of new dishes. Also recognized for the quality of its products and for the use of local ingredients. Today, María José San Román is one of the most outstanding women in the Alicante gastronomic scene with national and international projection. Saffron is one of the star products in her kitchen, which is why she is known as the Queen of Saffron. Tireless researcher of extra virgin olive oil and bread with her recent work project that supplies all the restaurants of Grupo Gourmet Alicante. Values ​​In Grupo Gourmet Alicante we are guided by an illusion: to be a pioneer company. For this we work every day based on values ​​of quality and excellence. Only taking care of each step of the chain will achieve the best results. – Quality in the products: concerned about their origin and handling – Quality in the elaboration: uniting technology and professionalism, tradition and vanguard. – Quality in the service: offering a unique experience to each client. In Grupo Gourmet Alicante we work with people and for people, understanding that it is the greatest capital available to any company and orienting ourselves to the absolute satisfaction of our clients, our raison d’être. Aware of the impact of our work on the environment and the people around us, we work every day to improve our contribution: – In collaboration with the Illustrious Official College of Pharmacists of the province of Alicante, demanding the highest quality standards in our facilities. – Committed to the people of our environment: special letter for people with celiac disease. – Committed to health: certifying us through the Agency of Health and Mediterranean Diet. – Committed to nature: recycling of packaging and oil products – Committed to the continuous improvement of our processes: training in excellence. We believe in our project and we work every day to achieve it: responding and anticipating needs, transforming difficulties into challenges, generating opportunities for growth, detecting and developing talent, reinventing ourselves every day, undertaking. In Grupo Gourmet Alicante we are guided by a passion: Passion for gastronomy

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